He is a serious tree, and his appearance has completely changed. Shu Mao holds a brush in one hand and a huge one in the other, and his body seems to be possessed by some great god. There are waves of natural oppression from Shu Mao’s body.
At this time, Shu Mao is a Yin-Yang teacher. The technique is called the judge’s possession, but the psychic judge will attach himself instead of the judge to pass judgment on all souls. Of course, before Shu Mao was stronger than the other party, otherwise he could be sentenced. Unfortunately, the cat’s eye obviously didn’t have that strength.
At this time, Lao Wu actually carried out a figure from the body again.
"Boss, I didn’t expect this turtle grandson to hide a hand. If it weren’t for Lao Wu’s sharp eyes, I would have let this guy slip away!"
"Old military commander, put this soul in your hand. I’ll turn him over. He’s not his successor. He wants to get into this body and must be sacrificed alive!" Shu Mao said that he felt that the spring rain around him had a soul fluctuation
"What? This is a living sacrifice. So this one in my hand is really a victim? " Old Wu was shocked and immediately released the man in his hand. At this time, they observed that the soul that was carried out before this man was really different.
"Cat’s eye, do you know the crime?" The judge asked the virtual shadow directly, but when the cat’s eye was about to answer, Shu Mao seemed to know what he was going to answer, and he didn’t even give him a chance to answer. The soul that scratched the cat’s eye screamed and melted away.
Seeing this, he shivered and flew into Shu Mao’s body one by one.
Meimei also saw something running out of the man’s body as if it had disappeared. Just before this time, the man kept flying scraps of paper. In a short time, there was another face in the scraps of paper. Men are generally dead, but the man was smiling with his eyes closed.
Shu Mao took out a multiplier from his pocket and printed the soul on his forehead. In a short time, the soul disappeared as a child.
"Brother, what is this?"
"Oh, this is the reincarnation of filth. They are the person in it. The material sacrifice force drives another soul into this person’s body, and these scraps of paper reassemble the body, which is what you see. Of course, this is also the original boarding soul."
"ah? This is the reincarnation of filth? The second generation of adults really issued such patience! "
"Don’t say this. According to me, the second generation of talented people are truly talented ninjas. He can actually spy on Raytheon, while his filthy metempsychosis can actually spy on people’s souls. You can imagine how powerful his talent is. If Yin and Yang teachers walk around the world, maybe he will be a big Yin and Yang teacher! This is that b proof of his talent.
What kind of power does he create? These things have something to do with people, just like you have learned Ninjutsu, so your own person is evil, but protecting your own people from the enemy is justice. If you want to simply kill more people, then these forbidden techniques will never catch up with ordinary Ninjutsu.
Generally speaking, there are many people in Ninjutsu. Maybe they usually kill people with Ninjutsu every day, but there are fewer ways to broadcast it, and even fewer people learn it. Sometimes there are not as many people who kill people with Ninjutsu. It is unreasonable to talk about the evil of Ninjutsu simply by killing people. "
"What should I do?"
"You have to remember that there is no good and evil in power, and good and evil are people’s hearts! The strength in one’s hand does good, then it is justice and evil, then it is evil. It depends on the strength, does that person know? "
"It seems a little white!"
"It’s good to be white. Let’s go home!"
Shu Mao took Meimei on the road again, but he didn’t know that Jiuwei seemed to be blown up.
[Nine Guards]
"Boss, my second brother just sent a distress signal, but in a blink of an eye, I can’t receive the message from my second brother anymore!"
"hmm? What’s going on? Just now, he didn’t tell us that he really wanted to track down the messenger who came out of Lei Ying’s big army, did he? How can it not be linked? Could it be because there is a girl who … "
"But the boss is really different this time. The former second brother bastard won’t just take things for help to amuse us. I just sent a message again, but no one has received the news from the second brother directly! I feel that something must have happened to my second brother! " This time, I feel that things are getting worse.
"What? What’s going on with the third brother? " Others have surfaced to consult about the cat’s eye.
"By the way, who are you from the third brother accident site? Go and help find out what the situation is! " Nine who boss finally issued an order.
"Eldest brother, I want to go to the big army of Lei Ying to add some chaos to them. I just arrived. I’ll go soon. Tell me where the third brother and second brother disappeared. I’ll go."
"Just … forget it. I’ll leave a mark on your way forward as before. Just follow the mark!"
It didn’t take long for the demon to guide presbyopia to find the second penis. To be exact, he found the second penis, and the dirt turned into confetti!
"Second brother, he is really dead!"
Chapter 45 Naruto and Sasuke Attack ()
[Dou Cave]
Dou kept running away, and this time he was really scared. Now these two kids who had been ignored by him can chase him and beat him. This is really something that he can accept.
Naruto and Sasuke cooperate quite tacitly, and there is no communication between them from beginning to end, and they are constantly tracking their footsteps.
At this time, they arrived at a hall, where there were many stone pillars standing upright, Naruto Sasuke entered the hole, and there was a huge stone door pocket right opposite the hole.
"Take it easy!" Naruto clamored for Dou to submit, but is Dou such a person?
Sasuke took a glance at the pocket and threw it out without waiting for Naruto’s cooperation. At the same time, he pulled out his body knife quickly and followed these pains to the pocket. He cut it without hesitation.
It’s a pity that this time Sasuke seems to have cut down a stone statue, and Naruto and Sasuke actually heard the "ding ~" sound.
At this time, the pocket body was chopped to pieces, and the root of the person who came to see it was whether the pocket was a stone statue or not. Sasuke and Naruto became angry, and their faces turned red.
Although the ground is dark, but his physical things are clear to him, Naruto knows that his face is burning. He glanced at Sasuke.
"Did he go in? But if you open the door, there should be some movement, right? Why didn’t we hear anything behind him? "
"I didn’t expect Naruto to think!" Make sarcastic remarks
However, Naruto was not angry. He was used to Sasuke’s abdomen being dark. At this moment, Naruto wanted to see a glimmer of reflection and was wary of Sasuke! "
Naruto swooped to throw Sasuke down, but before he could get to the enemy, he wiped a string of blood beads from Sasuke’s cheek and shot out from Sasuke’s face, and Sasuke was furious! He ran to the stone pillar beside him. He might have died on the spot if he hadn’t heard Naruto’s cry just now.
Rushing to Sasuke, he immediately split at the other side, and the enemy kept blocking Sasuke’s attack and fighting back. At the top of these columns, Sasuke kept jumping and vaguely saw the other side wearing a strange mask.
And Naruto just wanted to go to support when he was forced by a knife that suddenly flashed out from one side. When Naruto jumped over, he did a somersault and passed the other side. At the same time, Naruto’s hands sealed and two shadows appeared behind Naruto.
After the two shadow avatars appeared, they directly grabbed Naruto’s arm and flung him out directly.
At this time, Sasuke also found out that something was wrong. The opposite side actually seemed to mean to separate the two of them. Sasuke cooperated with the opposite action and followed the man out of here, while Naruto dealt with the enemy alone.
Now he is very proud of hiding in the dark because he has thought of a wonderful idea to separate Sasuke from Naruto with the help of the darkness of this hall, and then he can break them one by one! In fact, Sasuke and Naruto were indeed separated, and now he is not satisfied with the situation.
Naruto was a little flustered when he was attacked at first, but slowly Naruto found the problem. The enemy seemed to be playing around, and even a few tricks could not be released. At this time, Naruto suddenly thought of something and immediately shouted in his heart. Kyubi no Youko and the two cooperated and became the Kyubi no Youko model