"Brother Dog, if I don’t look at anyone, I will assume that you don’t touch me. Then I will wait until one day you will be moved!" Say that finish Ding Qing burying his face in ran out.
Is Ding Qing possessed? If you go like this, something will happen sooner or later.
But Ding Qing was determined to hang his tree, and there was nothing two dog could do.
At this time, I heard someone calling him "two dog’s house?"
Hearing that Liu Cherry called him, he came out and said, "Sister Cherry, sit down."
"I don’t have a job in two dog. I have a wish to contribute to the development of my hometown. I regret the villagers in Da Nai Village. Let me be the village chief. This is my resume. Please have a look!" Liu Yingtao is natural and graceful, handing out materials.
"Cherry elder sister, you are a college graduate and a local person who knows all about the local conditions and customs of the second village, and you have been the leader of the village. It is really the best candidate-"To tell the truth, Pi two dog still tends to let Liu Cherry Liu Cherry be honest, have ideals and have the motivation to look through her resume. two dog accidentally discovered that Liu Cherry had worked as a hotel manager for two years! What’s even more surprising is that she passed the exam as a public official and was a secret of a machine unit in the provincial capital!
"Yes, it turns out that you worked as a leader in the provincial capital, and then you resigned voluntarily?"
"Yes, I resigned voluntarily. At that time, the leaders repeatedly asked me to come back and build my hometown! Later, you also saw that the village leader didn’t get paid at first while I was farming in my hometown! " Speaking of my hometown experience in the past two years, Liu Yingtao also suffered a lot from Cang Sang.
"I don’t worry about the salary of Cherry Sister. The leader of the second village has a salary. I will personally pay it. What are your plans if you are the head of the second village?" Pi two dog this posture is to start the interview.
"If I am the head of the second village, the first thing I do is to clean up the cronies of the leather cannon and re-elect the villagers who are responsible and willing to do practical things. Of course, you are the boss’s specific candidate!" Liu cherry dribbling way
"Good point. What else?"
"You are a brother in Baiyang Town. I will follow your footsteps and report to the boss early and late. Your core will work together to give you thugs to make the poor Da Nai Village rich and make the dilapidated Da Nai Village look new!" At some point, Liu Yingtao was in high spirits.
"Good, good, good, good. Cherry elder sister, village head, let you be the one! I’ll inform the town leaders, and it will be right for you soon! You go back and wait for the news first. "Pi two dog was satisfied with Liu Cherry and made a decision on the spot.
Liu Yingtao was ecstatic and excited. "Boss, I will work hard to live up to your expectations!"
Off the cherry Liu, it was already three o’clock in the afternoon. Pi two dog turned on his mobile phone and found that Mayor Fan had spoken and turned it to mute. He didn’t hear two dog, so he called back in a word and put it through for a while. "What are Mayor Fan’s instructions?"
"two dog, when did you come to take over the nine planets Tobacco Factory? The tobacco factory is now in a state of suspension. Thousands of employees are unemployed and afraid of accidents. Do you have to hurry?" Fan fishing worry way
"Good mayor fan, I’ll take over the cigarette factory now, but you’re in charge of the leadership. Are you sending a secret to announce it?" Pi two dog intends to wait for this batch of 200 mu of tobacco leaves to be baked and then directly pull the goods into the factory, so as to take over the wind.
"You’re a big cow. I’ll send a secret to the outside world to stop cursing me. My cigarette factory will wait for you!"
"Haha, it’s best for you to come in person!"
Chapter 54 Goddess is here.
"By the way, who are you going to choose as the new director of two dog?" Fan da fish said
"Director, wait for me to bring it."
With that, Pi two dog called Lan Guixin, the flue-cured tobacco supervisor, and told her to prepare two cars of flue-cured tobacco.
Speaking of Lan Guixin, she used to be the head of Ye’s family business. After Ye Shao got what he deserved, Lan Guixin left Ye’s family with a compensation of 100 million yuan. She once asked Pi two dog to invest. Later, Pi two dog had the fifth largest industry-flue-cured tobacco skin two dog let Lan Guixin take the lead in flue-cured tobacco.
At this time, Lan Guixin is organizing manpower and material resources to harvest mature tobacco leaves on a large scale. The baking room not far from the flue-cured tobacco base is running around the clock, and a large number of tobacco leaves are baked out.
Pi two dog, the director of Jiuxing Tobacco Factory, intends to choose one of Huang Yan, Lan Guixin, Xiaobaili and Jiang Xiaoying.
Huang Yan is now the village leader, and Lan Guixin is the head of tobacco baking. It is not good to run at both ends.
Xiaobaili has business management experience, but she has her own company.
What about Jiang Xiaoying? She is currently the director of Miao pharmaceutical factory, but Miao Dajun has abolished living in a wheelchair.
Pi two dog reasoned and decided to consult Fang Cuinong, a goddess, about the director’s candidate.
I didn’t expect to see Fang Cuinong at home when the words were typed, and people came to visit themselves.
"Sister Fang, I was just looking for you. I didn’t expect you to come. Haha!"
Fang Cuinong, the host and guest, looked at him and said, "Gee, I heard that you control nine planets Tobacco Factory. God, you are a big cow, not a super cow!"
"Ha-ha, Fang Jie, don’t be ridiculous. I’m looking for the director of your cigarette factory. Look at these photos. Who can please me more?" Said this guy is the small white pear, Jiang Xiaoying female photos to Fang Cuinong have a look.
"two dog looks at the photos and looks at the photos. I am looking forward to seeing talents!"
"Then I’ll call two women?" Said the skin two dog is called to notify the small white pear and Jiang Xiaoying respectively.
Soon they drove over.
Xiaobaili and Jiang Xiaoying saw that Pi two dog personally summoned them. What’s the big deal? As a result, Fang Cuinong, the goddess of his living room, gave them a visit to fortune-teller.
After reading it, Xiaobaili called two dog to the room and said, "two dog, you asked me to visit my fortune-teller?"
"Yes, yes, she is a famous Fang Cuinong. You won’t pay for it!"
But she didn’t say anything "
"Fang Cuinong is so awesome that if the victim has a disaster, what will she say? If everything goes well with the victim, she won’t say a word, right?"
"Oh, then I’m fine, haha!" Xiaobaili is very happy.
Jiang Xiaoying also came in and asked, "two dog, I heard that you had a falling out with Wong Tai Sin. Is it true?" Now Jiang Xiaoying never dared to treat him as a vagrant. Since he knew that he was one of the five major industries in this country, Jiang Xiaoying admired him so much that he didn’t know how wrong he was before.
"It’s true that Wong Tai Sin was in cahoots with my enemy Pi. When I was angry, I announced that I would stop joining his hotel. It’s strange that business can be good without me!" Pi two dog also sent someone to inquire about it on the spot yesterday. Someone reported that the business of Wong Tai Sin Hotel plummeted after the withdrawal of the food. Wong Tai Sin was as anxious as a cat on hot bricks and didn’t know what to do.
"I heard that you controlled nine planets Tobacco Factory again? Isn’t the cigarette factory a monopoly private company? " Xiao-ying Jiang a face of incredible expression way
"nine planets cigarette factory is close to collapse, and how to solve the problem of eating thousands of workers without restructuring? In this respect, Mayor Fan is still very courageous, whether public or private, to solve the problem of workers’ eating first! "
"two dog, how many times did you show up at home?" Jiang Xiaoying wondered if he was a poor man before. Who would have thought that this guy had mastered the exclusive farming technology after seeing him for several years? She looked at Pi two dog again and her eyes were full of worship and deep love.