Right in front of this huge palace still ringing with bells.
When the central main hall is about to be destroyed along with its buildings.
It’s also this moment
A crimson streamer flew straight out of it at an unimaginable speed.
In an instant, it ran through that shocking pure white light flow.
Just like erasing gas, it will disappear into shape
Let even the slightest turbulence have never been produced in the central main hall.
When that hand-held sacred figure of Rapier react.
I saw a strange crimson snake, or something like a snake, which was at least hundreds of billions of light years long and thick, but was two fingers wide than an ordinary adult. It was staying in front of me, nearly a foot behind my head.
Wait for a while straight with the blood-red eyes calm than staring at yourself.
And then
She also found another thing.
The other party didn’t fly straight.
Instead, I went back and forth through dozens of big holes and tied myself for dozens of times before staying in front of my head.
On the way, she has suffered many attacks.
When you feel yourself
"Save …"
Horror ratio
She resolutely gave up her pride and wanted to call for help from the other guy beside her.
Before she said another word.
The crimson strange snake body instantly completed the rapid contraction.
Let your slender body be like a sharp hinge.
The other party’s body, which can be eroded by years and can damage the long spirit even if everything is shattered, is abruptly reduced into a number of meat sauces, which makes the golden flesh and blood containing huge [divinity] splash freely …
And by this time,
Seeing such a terrible sight, the guys around him finally reacted.
People with fearful eyes
There are also people who are extremely angry
"You …"
But just as they reacted before.
Now they
Face the red snake
Is still the method to react.
Even if you have all the attention.
But when their line-of-sight perception captures the actual situation,
The strange snake has shrunk back to the Central Plains at the super-high speed.
Back to the direction of the central palace
This is also the moment.
From the place blocked by obstacles, they saw many sights of the central palace directly along the two open doors, and then they noticed a figure sitting in the middle, watching them with great interest.
That strange snake in front of you
Is in front of their eyes slowly transform the form behind each other gently shaking.
It turned out that it was a tail …
And then
They saw the figure sitting on the main plane spread out on the palm of their right hand, divided their five white fingers and bent their knuckles toward the palm, posing as if they were clasping or holding something tightly across the palm.
Same moment
Outside the cage