"What magical power is this!"
Dust cleared away, dust recovered, and Lei Guang, the size of an egg, was banned from the palm of his hand.
His sullen face is more bloody than his handsome face.
Dust is the seventh weight of the Great Sage. Although it is suppressed, it is also immortal. However, this ball of thunder almost seriously injured him!
If he hadn’t finally regained his strength, the consequences would not be known.
Looking at the dust holding the egg-sized thunder ball in the distance, Su Ying also returned to her original shape with a slight smile. "Jackson, you lost."
Chapter seven hundred and eleven Pro demon temple
Dust in the distance, panting, staring at each other to repair physical trauma
Su Ying’s blow just now would definitely hurt him if he didn’t show his strength at the end.
Being a peak sage is not Su Ying’s repair even if he suppressed his strength. However, the thunder power still makes the dust concerned now that I think about it.
"Su benefactor, you have brought more and more surprises to the Buddha. In addition to Buddhist classics, you have mastered the power of thunder. No wonder those people are coming to kill you!"
Dust slightly think lining suddenly changed a face smiling way "this is the Buddha lost after I won’t bother you so you are not going to the demon temple? Buddha will go with you? "
"The master is generous and the younger generation admire" Su Ying praised a convergent murderous look.
The two people are getting closer and still guarding each other for fear that the other party will be caught off guard and make a sudden move.
"Little devil!" Master Chen smiled and cursed in his heart.
"The dead thief is bald!" Sue should also smile very sunshine heart also condescension.
Li Rexian and Su Sunset glances at each other from half down to look at Su Ying’s handsome monk and couldn’t help secretly looking at it.
Dust claims to be a nine-magic monk, a Buddhist, a magic way, a right way, and a piano, chess, painting and array method.
But I didn’t expect to be with Su Ying.
What’s the secret of Sue Ying-shen? Unexpectedly, a master like Dust won’t leave to follow him to the temple?
"By the way, Ji Xiong still knows the sea."
Sue should clap her forehead and then open her eyes and come out with a gloomy face.
Sue should look embarrassed. Seeing him is bound to meet Ji Luoling in the sea.
Sure enough, he was about to speak when Ji Luoling came out triumphantly. After seeing the dust, he exclaimed, "Hey, monk, why are you here again?"
Dust smiled like a Taoist monk. "Donkey Ji didn’t come here to get sick, but monk Su came here."
"Do you want us to convert again? I’ll tell you if you force me again, I’ll let dad blow your head off! " JiLuoLing hands rested on her hips looking at dust tough way
The dusty face smiled awkwardly. "Donor Ji is joking. Now that Buddha and Donor Su are on the same side, will they force you to wait for conversion?"
Ji Luoling didn’t believe it, then looked puzzled at Su Ying, who nodded. The girl screamed and ran to the dust and looked at him. She touched the bright head of the dust and smiled. "Big monk, do you have a fever today?"
Dust was touched when he was born, and his eyelids and corners of his mouth suddenly jumped, but he had excellent cultivation and wanted to drink the Buddhist name, but he finally endured it.
"Brother Su, what is this?" Ji’s life is a disgrace. Naturally, the Western Regions have heard of the dust title. This monk is known as the Nine Unique Magic Monk. He often kills people like eating and drinking water. Although he is a Buddhist middleman, he is a famous devil in the Western Regions.
Ji’s life is not white. Should Sue go with him?
"Amitabha, this must be Ji Gong? Buddha still remembers seeing you once when you were born. "
Dust looked at Ji Ming and walked over and said, "I wanted to accept you at that time, but it’s a pity that your father never promised. Why don’t you consider it now?"
Her life was a black mouth with a reluctant smile and waved her hand. "Thank you for your kindness, Jackson, but the younger generation and the idea of becoming a monk are still forgotten."
Dust gave him a look of regret and sighed, "It’s a pity that you are deeply rooted in Buddhism and don’t learn my Buddhist skills. Besides, you don’t need to shave your head and become a monk, and there are not so many rules. You’d better consider it."
"Wow, wow, brother, why don’t you just follow Zen Master Chen?" Ji Luoling skipped to the two of them and laughed. "So no one will argue with me at home."
Her life stared her one eye nu way "little sister what are you talking about! And you snuck out. Brother hasn’t found you yet. "
Ji Luoling vomitted to stick out the tongue is ignored.
"Well, let’s go to the demon temple."
Su Ying smiled and asked anyone around them to help.