Jiao Peng sat in the interrogation position and frowned at Fu Zhenguo and said, "General Fu, I have a few doubts about your son’s kidnapping."
Fuzhenguo looked at him coldly and said nothing.
"First of all, I found a detail in the surveillance video of Woka Bar, that is, when Chen military personnel contacted Fu Zhen, the two sides were blocked from communicating, that is to say, they didn’t intimidate Fu Zhen through excessive behavior and the latter chose to go with them." Jiao Peng looked at Fu Zhenguo and asked, "What do you think of this matter?"
Zhen-guo fu eyes staring at these people with disdain still didn’t say anything.
"Do you think your son is ok? Is it possible for him to defect? " Jiao Peng paused and asked again.
Fu Zhenguo stared at him cheerfully and didn’t mean anything.
Jiao Peng frowned and stared at the lieutenant general, picked up the cigarette case and continued, "What is the motive for your third fleet frigate to move in the direction of South Shanghai tonight? For what purpose did you achieve this ord? "
"Ha ha" Fu Zhenguo smiled and looked at all with great significance.
"General Fu, we respect you, but please respect us," said the head of the military intelligence headquarters coldly. "It’s not good for you to resist questioning."
"What are you?" Fu Zhenguo replied flatly, "My motivation and loyalty have been proved to the people in the foreign wars in my naval career for decades. What do I need to say to you?" Who can you king eggs represent? !”
"Fu Zhenguo, you’d better correct your attitude. We have our responsibilities." A director of the military intelligence headquarters got up and yelled.
At present, these people are as small as ants in Fu Zhenguo’s eyes. He is too lazy to communicate with each other, but he is sad and confused in his heart
For the first time, he wondered what he had been in the military for so many years.
Have you met the people? Has the coastal defense force in the region given off light and heat?
No, it doesn’t seem to be such a statement. It’s like a warm-blooded young man comforting himself that doping is too naive and naive.
He suddenly realized that after so many years of hard work and struggle, he finally became like a politician and his fleet. The officers with excellent qualities he brought out were just political chips that could be negotiated with each other.
Personal vision is a fart! What can the key moment influence? ! The layer says that if you don’t have your horse, you’ll have to carry it on your shoulders with a medal on your chest. In the end, you can’t even save yourself, let alone the people’s coastal defense forces
Fu Zhenguo was desperate, and Zhou Xingli completely lost confidence in the system.
Jiao Peng, a slightly dim information room, looked at Fu Zhenguo calmly and said again, "General Fu, I hope you can cooperate with us to ask questions. Simply put, we still need to be responsible for the kidnapping of your son Fu Zhen. You have made the situation too stiff. I can’t guarantee what will happen in the process of rescuing your son."
Threat naked threat
Jiao Peng almost means that you quickly told me what I wanted to ask and then you were dismissed as the commander of the Third Fleet. This matter is over, otherwise your son’s safety will really become a problem.
Zhen-guo fu eyes hole to see his mouth smile again.
"General Fu, you have Commander-in-Chief Zhou to take care of you. He appreciates you very much. Even if you leave your current position, you won’t have a bad life. You really don’t need to be so emotional when you will be officially opened one day." Jiao Peng continued. "It’s normal to have ups and downs in your political career, isn’t it?"
"You mean I don’t deserve to talk to you. You can’t even talk to Chen, can you? Just watch my son die? !” Fu Zhenguo asked
Jiao Peng looked at him coldly and didn’t reply.
Outside the courtyard of the military intelligence headquarters
More than 20 naval military vehicles suddenly rushed over from the left side of the road and directly smashed the guardrail at the entrance of the military intelligence headquarters compound and rushed into the courtyard.
A senior officer pushed the door and shouted, "knot!"
More than 20 Taiwan military vehicles rushed to nearly 400 naval soldiers, who quickly lined up in the courtyard with guns.
The senior colonel walked quickly forward to the main building.