"Er … well, be careful!" Blood Xuan Shen Yishan knew that the form here had exceeded the range he could handle, and immediately his body flashed into the boundary of Yin and Yang.
"oh? Did you put that guy in the magic world? Well, it’s an urgent guy anyway! " Yanhong picked his eyebrows and didn’t pay too much attention.
This scene is just a short episode.
But because of this short moment, Xiao Fan won more precious time.
Because the appearance of the Lohan of the highest day attracted the attention of Yan Hong and his men, Xiao Fan took the opportunity to connect the gods with the gods who have been suspended around the hideous soul, thus catalyzing the drop of Jiuming Dijun Jingxue to be quickly absorbed by the Yaowang Shending!
"Haha, it’s good. The five gaps in the barrier of the underworld have been opened. The first stage has been completed … that’s the second stage!" Yanhong burst out laughing.
"What does he mean by the first stage and the second stage?" Xiao Fan puzzled asked.
"In the first stage, you can get in and out from the spiritual realm, while in the second stage, you can get in and out from the distracted realm. In the third stage, the top experts in the underworld can get out of the underworld, which is a nightmare!" XinZiQing bit her lip and said
"Now is the first stage? Can you have a spiritual stage to run out of the underworld? " Xiao Fan raised his eyebrows and felt a little more secure. "It’s not too late to talk like this. I hope it will succeed!"
Thought of here, Xiao Fan once again issued a divine knowledge control towards the who’s tripod.
The whole body suddenly’ om!’ A loud noise was immediately spun by adding a touch of blood-red luster, and seven colors of light were continuously sprayed from the tripod mouth!
Once these lights touch the hideous soul body, they immediately disappear into the flesh!
"The hideous soul don’t you forget who gave birth to you? Is it so easy to forget this kindness? " Xiao Fan suddenly roared up.
"Hey!" The hideous soul’s huge body was shocked and then slowly looked at Xiao Fan with doubts.
"Xiao Fan, what do you want?" Yanhong looked at a surprised.
"Don’t be controlled by evil people. Look at your mother next to you. There you are!" Xiao Fan ignore YanHong query continue to shouted.
The hideous soul doubts will look again and the face of the drug king Shen Ding will show a gentle look, and a hum will be called in his throat.
"Right now!" Xiao Fan suddenly felt that the shackles around him suddenly disappeared, and quickly pinched his hands to make a series of decisions and merged them into the tripod of the gods!
"Xiao Fan you damn what are you doing? Don’t you want to ruin my good thing? " Yan Hong said that he was angry, and his hair just stood up, and the sacred realm of terror swept out and rushed toward Xiao Fan.
"caindy said that if you help me block it, it will take ten breaths!" Xiao Fan race against time hurriedly way
"No problem. Give me your back!" Xinziqing dreamed that Xiao Fan could suddenly make such a move, and I couldn’t help but be overjoyed. Feng Lin’s sword protected Xiao Fan’s front.
Give your life to Xin Ziqing, Xiao Fan, and you can rest assured and believe absolutely!
Maybe he didn’t have this kind of practical feeling when he was with Xin Ziqing this day. No one else can do it!
Gu Ning can’t do it, nor can his confidantes, but Xin Ziqing can!
This kind of feeling can’t be explained, but it is very mysterious. It is the most basic intuition from the heart!
"Jiuqu, Tianzhong, Fenghong, Moment Condensation …" Xinziqing’s hands in front of her rowed Fenglin sword suspended in her chest faintly exuded seven colors of glow, and a noble momentum was released like a real husband and wife.
"Break through layers of emptiness and reach the edge of the distant universe. I beg the power of Phoenix God to come to me and help me break the darkness in front of me and release dazzling brilliance!" From Xin Ziqing’s mouth, a gorgeous discourse was recited, and the physical strength suddenly increased dramatically, which unexpectedly crossed the original realm and reached the peak of the division period!
"oh? It turns out that Xin Ziqing actually has this kind of closet thing that is really reliable! " Xiao Fan couldn’t help admiring him when he saw it. He concentrated on playing tricks in the cauldron of the King of Medicine and was immediately injected with a few drops of JingXie himself.
"Get out of your way, you woman!" Yan Hong’s ferocious face has already rushed to Xinziqing’s front, raising my hand with tens of billions of yuan of power, and he fell hard toward Xinziqing’s other.
"Fenglin Sword Nine Phoenix Days!" Xin Ziqing suddenly exploded and drank Fenglin Sword, and immediately gave a buzz. After a slight flash, she suddenly divided nine pieces and the colors were different, and then the huge phoenix Yan Hong collided with one hand!
"oh!" Yanhong’s face changed, and his body was knocked back repeatedly. He had been out of the distance for several miles before he stabilized his body. The palm of his hand had become dark and trembling faintly.
And XinZiQing is not easy even after a few steps back suddenly spit out one mouthful blood face suddenly turned pale.
"What a bitch! There is such a trick to fix such a high and low master recklessly! I really look down on you! " Yan Hong gnashed her teeth and waved, "Kill them together!"
"Yes!" More than 30 guys with black fog nodded toward XinZiQing attack and kill again.
"caindy, are you all right?" Xiao Fan concerns asked.
"Nothing … I can hold on, but won’t I be absorbed by the hideous soul and angry when I am injured?" XinZiQing asked some concerns.
"Don’t worry, I’ve completely controlled the hideous soul. Give me some more and I’ll be able to control it!" Xiao Fan shook his head, but instead of slowing down manually, it became faster.
"Can you really control the hideous soul?" Xin Ziqing was delighted to hear this. "Then … I want you to stop them even if you fight for your life!"
Chapter 344 Counter-offensive!
The demon world is a more mysterious world.
The vastness is more beautiful than the scenery of forests and lakes everywhere.
This place is more like a vibrant paradise than the open screen world and the desolate underworld.
Everywhere is green, and many plants and animals that have been extinct for years can be seen everywhere here.
However, the world is no longer dominated by human beings, but by several animals. After years of absorbing the essence of heaven and earth, they have obtained the qualification of immortal cultivation and demon cultivation
When the demon practitioners reach a certain level, they will shed animal fur and become human.
The supreme rulers here are those demon practitioners whose strength is stronger than that of the earth!
The biggest difference between the demon world, the screen world and the demon world is that the physique of the whole demon practitioners is not fragmented, but there is a king demon world like a god
Emperor Hei Hu!
Absolutely high!
The whole demon god!
At this time, this burly, dark-skinned, cold-faced, and short black hair stands upright. Emperor Hei Hu is sitting on a huge throne hundreds of feet high, while pouring wine into his mouth, he is gnawing at the roasted’ Zizi’ oil Tyrannosaurus Rex meat.
At first glance, there are more than a dozen demon repairs around him. These repairs are all horrible, and the worst is also the master of the fairy level!
At this time, suddenly, there was a shock and shaking in the demon world, and then a white light suddenly broke through the clouds and landed straight before the throne.
A young man in a white robe with long snow-white hair hanging over his shoulders, but with a very handsome face, looked like he was in his early twenties and smiled before the emperor of Hei Hu.
"Oh?" Hei Hu emperor one leng to let go in the wine bowl and meat a pair of big hands full of greasy robes ceng ceng hurriedly get up "why are you so used to run to me? It’s too interesting to stay at the extreme headquarters. Can’t you come to me for a drink? "
"Oh, I wish I had that leisure!" The young man shook his head and said with a wry smile, he grabbed a chair not far away and flew to him. He immediately sat down leisurely
"Why? What’s bothering you? " Emperor Hei Hu smiled and poured a glass of hard liquor and threw it to the young man. "Come on, you’re not in the Three Treasures Hall. What’s your advice this time?"
"It’s no big deal. You are the first master of the demon world, so you naturally know what happened in the earth screen world, right?" The young man took a sip of wine and wiped his mouth.
"Know what’s the matter? Nothing serious can bother you to come in person? " Emperor Hei Hu couldn’t help but raise his eyebrows and said, "You don’t want me to help the demon world to deal with the demon world, do you?"
"Ha ha, of course, you don’t need the underworld. It’s not the biggest threat!" The young man shook his head and said, "And the barriers in the demon world have not been beaten. I can’t help you if I want to help you!"
"That you mean … offering to teach? Or those bald donkeys in Buddhism? " Hei Hu emperor rub rub is full of stubble.
"No, they have a great deal to do. At most, they just do something shameful and dare not make a big fuss!" The young man waved his hand and said, "Pay attention to those restless guys outside the world!"
"The outside world? Those turtles and grandchildren again? " Emperor Hei Hu’s eyes flashed, "Haven’t you beaten them again?"
"Do you think those guys can behave themselves?" The young man said, gulping down the wine in his glass, and stood up and said, "Well, don’t say anything more. By the way … the target is likely to have appeared in the on-site screen world!"