Wilford doesn’t know that there is a super big guy coming towards him.
But he knew he was in big trouble.
After being attacked once, many policemen and soldiers suddenly appeared on both sides of the railway. Instead of intercepting him, these people watched him go away like posts on both sides of the railway …
This moment being closely watched once again stimulated the passengers in the business class.
He managed to suppress everyone’s opinions after a long explanation.
He clearly felt that he was no longer the "prophet savior" who saved everyone when he first got on the train.
But wilford, a giant crocodile with great strength outside.
Those people are obedient now, but they are only concerned about his second identity.
In other words, these people no longer believe in doomsday in their hearts
I’m afraid I won’t listen to him now, and when I leave the train in the future, they won’t choose to obey until they have a good juice place to eat.
Step on the horse!
These people play house with him!
There is a big deviation in the total spot cooling plan.
Even he, the mastermind, feels that the plan seems hopeless.
So he must find a way to know what is going on outside at present.
Now he hates that he was too confident and thought that human beings would die in a week, and he didn’t even bring a satellite, otherwise he could go online directly.
Unlike now, if you want the network, you have to use the train brain to connect to the satellite, and there is a risk that Morgan and others will forcibly take over the train …
"Are you sure all backdoor programs have been removed?"
Wilford asked the technical director.
The other party is wearing a black suit and sunglasses.
"Sir, it’s completely unplugged. I guarantee that there is no one else who can forcibly control our train now."
Wilford also heart to verify again.
"Then turn on the network."
Mediterranean hairstyle He sat directly staring at the brain screen and connected to the satellite network, then he kicked everyone out.
Then he silently opened the mainstream news network …
half an hour later
Wilford began to doubt life.
Mutual aid meeting?
High temperature plasma?
Are these two things that ruined his doomsday plan?
What kind of organization?
When human beings face a crisis, they will appear …
"ah! ! !”
Wilford raised his chair and smashed his head directly in front of him.
One is not enough.
He kept swinging the chair until the brain monitor broke, then threw it aside and sat down on the floor.
Then great fear flooded my heart.
He suddenly remembered the mutual aid association and the evaluation of him in the official document issued by Cheng Wanli-
Horror score!
Hijacked thousands of hostages, terrorist points!
And they said they would take action …
It is this sentence that makes wilford feel numb.