Xuanxing’s current strength is quite easy to kill the late masters of the gods. These gods are not challenging, and Xuanxing is too lazy for them to dawdle and directly defeat them.
Before the name of God indicated that Xuanxing had flown to the land where Oboro Gravel was located, the name of God looked at Xuanxing and Oboro Gravel curiously. Both of them were gods who were initially repaired, but their strength was quite terrible. "I hope they can advance to the top 300." The name of God andao.
In fact, the rules of the competition were not clear at the beginning, because the number of places for the man of God to join the Shenjun House at each stage was not two or three.
For example, the gods include three realms: the early stage, the middle stage and the late stage, which is very unfair to those who cultivate the gods in the early stage and the middle stage. If these early stage and the middle stage gods can be promoted to the top 300, then they are qualified to become a member of the Shenjunfu.
If these early and middle-stage gods don’t want to join the Monarch House in order to get something, they need to compete with those late-stage gods for the last two or three places.
"Boom … boom …" XuanXing just came to the oboro gravel side hundreds of miles away and suddenly there was a loud noise. There should be a man of God fighting there.
"Hey … that guy is not simple and actually has a set of extremely artifacts." Oboro-gravel was slightly surprised by the tunnel chat. He specially released the knowledge of the gods to see those around him who fought against Xuanxing. His roots didn’t pay attention because he was very strong in XieXuanxing, and he was not worried that Xuanxing was eliminated at all.
"What happened to the oboro?" Xuanxing asked
"XuanXing so fast?" Oboro didn’t expect Xuanxing to come to this place so soon, which means he defeated a god, but he wasn’t surprised. "There is a guy in the middle of the god over there who has a set of extremely artifacts," Oboro explained.
Xuanxing also crossed his legs at random to release his gods and leaned in the direction indicated by Oboro-gravel. When he found the god mentioned by Oboro-gravel, Xuanxing’s face suddenly became gloomy and murder spread from him.
"What happened to Xuanxing?" Oboro gravel immediately felt a chill behind him after feeling the murder.
After hearing Oboro’s question, Xuanxing immediately woke up and was angry in patience. At the same time, his murder disappeared immediately. "That man is the only Lan Zhen male who is the king of blue flies." Xuanxing whispered that Xueting’s mother was forbidden by him!
Although Xuanxing intends to kill him, he is the king of God, and he has always stayed with the king of God, so he has no chance. But at this time, he actually came to participate in the competition to recruit talents. Maybe … This is a chance.
At the same time, Xuanxing also felt a little confused about Lan Zhen’s reference. His family background didn’t need to participate in this kind of reference … Suddenly Xuanxing thought of a possibility that he should marry the daughter of the king of God.
"oh? This is what you call a loser? " Oboro Li is a little curious. He is also a celebrity in the tunnel. Although he is the king of God, many gods secretly call him a waste.
His father is a god king, and he must have secretly "supplemented" some magical elixirs, but after more than 10 billion years, he is qualified to cultivate gods, and his qualifications are really not so good in the middle period.
"Xuanxing, do you have a problem with him?" Oboro gravel tried asked.
"My elder made the soul-forbidden art because of him." At this time, Xuanxing’s face has returned to normal, and Lan Zhen is the king of blue flies. If he will kill the king of blue flies in this public place, he will be crazy to kill himself. What can he do for the time being?
"He has some special status, so you’d better not move any thoughts." Oboro Li warned Xuanxing to anger a god king, which is not a wise move.
Xuanxing lightly nodded but felt a little nai in my heart.
"XuanXing you also don’t lose heart, I will help you out of this tone" Oboro gravel suddenly smiling tunnel.
"Don’t mess around." Xuanxing also warned Oboro. Although he is a dragon with five claws, if he kills Lan Zhen Gong, he won’t care about these. After all, he died alone.
"Don’t worry, I’m not that stupid." Oboro Li proudly said, "You should know that every race has some secret skills, and so do our dragons. It should be easy for my father to give me some in private to deal with that waste." Oboro Li is an intermediate god beast. It can be taught by his parents personally.
However, the memory of the super beast is not allowed to be given to the people at will. My father can quietly give him some secrets, which has taken a great risk. It can be seen that my father loves him very much as a "waste".
"Oboro’s father is a god king, so you should pay attention to not revealing anything." Xuanxing is awake. Oboro’s magical power is the law. Imagine who knows if Oboro’s occultism will be seen by the blue-winged god king.
"By this secret technique, my father personally gave it to me, and its effects will dissipate after the past. Even if the God is a fart, you may not be able to see anything." Oboro gravel tunnel "Don’t worry, we will wait and see the good show."
A moment later, Lan Zhen flew to the land where Xuanxing lived. With a set of pole artifacts, he just defeated a late master of the gods, and Xuanxing found that some special powers of his pole artifacts were absolutely stronger than those of ordinary pole artifacts!
It would be more perfect if Lan Zhen, a good-looking man, was dressed in white. It is also very possible to be fascinated by the goddess.
Lan Zhen suddenly frowned because he found that two gods had arrived here before, and they were both gods. It seems that their strength is not bad.
After the arrival of Lan Zhen Gong, Oboro looked at Lan Zhen Gong in shock, but then his face turned into ecstasy. "Lan … Lan Zhen … Gong?" Oboro gravel some stuttering tunnel "Lan Zhen Gong I have heard of your reputation, but I didn’t expect to witness your honour in this life."
It seems that this man worships himself very much because of what Oboro said, and a smile appeared on his blue face.
"Lan Zhen Gong, you should be Princess Yujing and take part in the competition. I’m sure you can marry a beautiful woman." Oboro Li went to Lan Zhen Gong’s side with a little excitement and enthusiasm tunnel.
Oboro-gravel this sentence went to Lan Zhen’s heart, which made Lan Zhen feel a little high because he really took part in this competition because he was Princess Yujing. At this time, Lan Zhen’s face smile became stronger.
But he didn’t notice that a golden light suddenly appeared at the fingertips of the oboro gravel, and that golden light had disappeared after a flash.