I can bear these Chen Qingshuang, but I found the siren two days ago. Although her temperament is very peaceful and docile, she really can’t bear to look straight.
Brother Bai actually loved to feed a lot of Dan medicine and sat on the manatee demon for half a day.
Seeing this, Chen Qingshuang’s intuitive eyes were dry and unbearable, and he directly returned to the back cabin of the flying boat to repose for a while.
When leaving, Brother Bai actually took the manatee demon as the younger brother outside Qingyun Gate in front of a brother in the House of Representatives, and even gave the demon a unique name … Mermaid.
Isn’t this mermaid name more appropriate for Sister Haiyue, the manatee …
Therefore, it took Chen Qingshuang a whole night to adjust his mood.
On the second day, I didn’t see anything bad during the day. Brother Bai has been concentrating on refining all kinds of spiritual magic weapons. Seeing Chen Qingshuang’s calm and refined spirit, he unconsciously grew a few minutes.
If I hadn’t heard Brother Bai and Sister Xia singing loudly in the clouds when I went to the sea to repair the sword last night, I would have been in a good mood all day.
The mood of the song is very full and the tune is very strange, but the casual lyrics made Chen Qingshuang want to jump in and discuss with the two in the cloud to give directions.
After a night, Chen Qingshuang adjusted his mood again, and did morning exercises on the sea surface, which made people feel relaxed and happy. Seeing Brother Bai in Chaoyang, his posture and words also followed suit.
"Chen Shimei’s words are right. When you take this siren to the courtyard, you will go back to Haoran Sect with Chen Shimei, which also counts as a warm spring flower appointment." Chen Shimei casually said that Baiyun Tower was very agreeable and nodded and set the itinerary for today.
Upon hearing this, Chen Qingshuang said with a smile that "the patriarch has been waiting for his younger brother to visit, and if he knows that he will go to be in heaven today".
"Let the patriarch’s adult wait for a long time"
Just talking, the clouds in Fiona Fang suddenly spun in the distance of more than ten miles.
"Hey? The siren seems to be aware of our trail, "Chen Qinghe said with a negative hand and sinking."
"It’s normal to go out with some breath and be detected. If it moves again … let the younger brothers and sisters hit the door." Baiyun Tower flicked the dragon scale sword in one hand and a shock wave went to the rotating cloud.
As if provoked, the clouds in Fiona Fang suddenly surged and rolled and flooded into the half-flying boat for more than a dozen miles.
Xiao pang habitually jumped into the bow of the flying boat to get ready to take off. The boat suddenly stopped, stopped angrily and turned to the master elder brother and asked, "Brother, can the younger brother make a move this time?"
"Feel free. Don’t waste this siren. Maybe it will be one of our own in the future." Baiyun Tower waved and said.
"Okay ….." Said Xiao Pang, and his figure flashed into a dark black streamer and plunged into the clouds that spread at a high speed.
As the clouds flooded the flying boat, a familiar feeling flooded into the courtyard, and my brothers’ minds turned out to be dreamland.
White exhibition and the nangongshan small mirror glance at one another at the same time to the fun.
White exhibition is to practice small mirror, and I have an idea about that monster.
"Suspected dragon monster beast according to the previous method to try a wave …" In the sight of dreamland constantly changing white exhibition is very calm light drink 1.
Immediately, Bai Zhanli was fascinated and powerful, and the entry-level Eye Link also played an extraordinary role. He sensed a fuzzy virtual shadow coming from the left front direction.
"Break the false, left front" white exhibition light drink a broken read avatar attached to a string of firm but gentle to that virtual shadow cut.
With the shock wave cutting out the sword mark, the word formula directly shattered the dreamland in front of me and reappeared the cloud phase.
A series of firm but gentle cuts into the clouds, and the clouds dissipate. Most of the shadows appear in the direction indicated by firm but gentle.
Suddenly "hiss", the shadow seemed to have been hit hard, and the floating body was staggered and vain, and it was cut red-handed by the younger brother’s joint force of firm but gentle.
It is this siren demon body that is not weak. Dozens of sword lights are being resisted, which is actually very serious, but then it is hit by a golden light, which directly makes the virtual shadow on the top of the head dizzy for half a breath.
A white figure seems to be against the wind, and the gun mountain brings up a gust of wind, and the demon body is riding a snow-striped tiger Luo Yu.
Dangdang Dangdang …’ The demon body is very strong. Although it blocked most of the gun front, it was still broken by Luo Yu for more than a dozen scales.
With the gun potential, a strong breeze followed and swept away the mist around the siren, revealing a very strange monster beast.
"It was a snake …" Although the Baiyun Tower already knew this spirit beast snake from the memory of the turtle demon, it was still not sighing when I saw it.
Chapter five hundred and seventy-three Hit the iron plate
The snake’s body is tens of feet, the white scales protect the body, and the wings are born behind the head. It is the spirit beast Teng snake that Xia Shimei clearly remembers in her atlas that she is good at making use of the clouds to escape.
This spirit beast is only in the early stage of demon Dan’s territory, but its strength is remarkable. Xiao Pang’s wounds are not heavy. Blood and broken scales have turned into clouds to cover the demon body again.
A whip shadow falls with cirrus clouds and draws the clouds.
In an instant, dozens of clouds in Fiona Fang were cleaned in place, but there was no trace of the snake
This escape technique is really quick. It seems that this spirit-beast cloud escape technique is quite good.
Not only that, but it is filled with clouds in a blink of an eye.
Then the Teng snake fought with the royal three people in the fog with the magical power and powerful demon body.
Xiao pang also wants to take the opportunity to practice his hand, so he doesn’t have a hard hand
She didn’t show the real power of the barbed rattan whip front sharp force. It was to protect Luo Yu’s side and let Luo Yu have a good time.
When fighting, picking the EU to greet the big mouth and devour the clouds at will.
Young master, this command is very big-mouthed, and these clouds will be swallowed up by spiritual extraordinary, which is the most comfortable for ascension.
The cloud-swallowing beast’s big mouth was covered with a dozen zhangs of cloud and mist, which was immediately swallowed into the abdomen.
Luo Yu looked at him and immediately thought of his magic weapon, the big gourd. His eyes lit up and he rode the snow-striped tiger with his right hand and patted the big gourd behind him.
White jade gourd gourd mouth big shape charm scattered around dozens of zhangs Fiona Fang reiki clouds are attracted to gather to the mouth of the gourd.
Teng snake was furious, but there was no way to hold two people for a while. Not only was the thorn cane whip strong enough to vent gas, but the person wielding the big sword Xuanjia was very difficult. Not only was the armor protection of flying to the top speed very strong, but the root method of the magical power of ordinary witchcraft was very powerful.
Those spiritual fogs have been cultivated for many years, so they have been absorbed by the snake-making method and have a refund immediately.
However, it seems that this Teng snake still remembers the seal of hatred and screams before, and a flicker came at the flying boat.
The "shield array" sensed the virtual shadow in the clouds, and Bai Zhanqing drank a sentence. The eyebrows and forehead decorated the air flow and turned around, and a spiritual boundary was laid around.
The younger brother’s body flashes quickly and the flying boat array stands.
There are foreheads on the periphery of the younger brother, and the enchantment is displayed one after another. There is no spiritual foreheads to take the initiative to return to the side, and the five-element hexagrams are also covered with shields.
Tian Yi and Wang Fugui are also familiar with this kind of appearance. Without hesitation, they went to the circle to raise the magic weapon of the sword and concentrate hard.
Chen Qingshuang, Haoran’s younger brother, was also in battle. Even Chen Qinghe stood in battle and obeyed his sister’s command.
It’s worthy that the Haoran Sect’s battle position is short, and the Haoran Sect’s air flow turns into one integrated mass, which will firmly guard all the Haoran Sect brothers.
As soon as the two teams were in position, the flying boat had already revealed a white shadow, and dozens of quick and extremely cold ice blades were ejected to the flying boat.