In an instant, the mysterious gue patted its wings and immediately swallowed the poisonous fog into its belly and flew away in the distance.
"Are you leaving?"
Wang Mu holding the bar "I haven’t seen these for a long time. It’s quite interesting not to see them for a long time."
Then again, I don’t know that I didn’t feel much when I looked at it, which made Wang Mu suddenly a little worried.
"I should be all right?"
Wang Mu immediately threw this idea out of his mind. "It should be that my fishing skills are too high, and my spirit and concentration are relatively imposed by past life experiences …"
"Well, it must be!"
Take back the arrows and Wang Mu will go to Allen.
This guy’s face is red at this time and he’s mumbling something.
"Get out! I don’t need a woman!" Su Yu suddenly drink a drink.
"Don’t touch me!"
"Well … it’s so wonderful … no, it’s not me!"
"If everything is false, Su Yu will never touch these witches!"
"It turns out that female skin is so tactile … this is a godsend!"
"Ah ah! No, no! "
"…" Wang Mu look stupid.
Boy, people who cultivate immortality pay attention to demons. Is this his demons?
After that demon girl made trouble just now … This Allen doesn’t know if he will pay attention to magic.
After a while
Su Yu woke up and saw Wang Mu with his eyes open.
In an instant he seemed to think of something, and his face turned from red to white as quickly as waxing …
"Wang Mu, you didn’t hear anything just now, did you?" Su Yu asked in an uncertain tone
Wang Mu shake head a way
"Ah … no, I just woke up, and the syren suddenly ran away without knowing what …"
"That’s good …" Su Yusong breathed a sigh of relief and smiled a little. He looked at the distance. "It was my elder who came. This witch is also alert!"
Wang Mu was silent for a while.
Allen got up and looked around in the distance and saw several brothers lying on the ground all in a coma.
"Hum that syren really slips away fast …" Allen looked at Wang Mu and thanked him repeatedly. "Wang Mu brothers just thanked me. I didn’t expect you to wake up before me in that syren charm and feel ashamed …"
Wang Mu gave a hand.
This cloud tour event unlocked a new character, a new door to cultivate immortals.
If it is divided according to the game, it should belong to the evil line clan
"For the LeiGuang rabbit …"
Wang Mu looked to the other side.
"Mi …"
The rabbit, which was as golden as a flash, was now living in a cave.
After a while, it skipped out with a huge peach in its hand.
"Is this for me?"