Chu Biezhi didn’t refuse his intimate address this time.
Zhao cuozheng
"As the Queen Mother did, I moved my Daozong to a place where I didn’t have any good medicine to soak in wine. If you offend me again, be prepared to be killed by me to soak in wine."
When the Buddhist school has a large population, it becomes a threat when it is angry at the back.
"You can’t drink until you recover."
Zhao CuO woke up and said
Chu don’t branch hum a way
"Children should have children."
Grandpa Zhao Xiaogong took her to a pastry shop and bought a red crystal sugar-coated haws. Then he got angry and the Chu Buddhist directly stuffed something into his mouth.
Chapter one hundred and fifty Don’t you come back?
"This mundane thing tastes good?"
Zhao mistakenly coaxed her to eat a sugar-coated gourd, and the Buddhist was so fragrant on the spot that she forgot to buy medicinal materials for a while.
"Can I get you anything?"
Grandpa Zhao Xiaogong walked to a jewelry shop with Chu Biezhi again.
"You buy some samples and send them to Yaner when you return to Beijing."
Master Chu inadvertently said that after reading the shelves, the gold hairpin and jade bracelet were quietly eating sweet candied haws.
"Where is this?"
He has some funny tunnel
"Even if I want to buy them some small gifts, it will be when I return to Beijing from Jiangnan. Of course I will buy them for you now."
Xiaobiezhi arch eyebrows wrinkled up.
"Is the flame son and my sister"
Zhao Cuo certainly won’t forget his biggest sister.
"You are a filial piety."
Master Chu’s cold face eased slightly.
"If I know that you have a flame, I will see how I can tidy up you."
"What do you want from the branch?"
Zhao Cuo didn’t want to explain himself and Yan Hanhan. This kind of thing has been finished. I can’t tell clearly, but Chu Shi knows that he and Yan Er can be double-repaired.
"What do you mean by buying me jewelry?"
Chu don’t branch stared at him.
"Nature is filial piety to the national Buddhist adults."
Zhao Cuo reached for the frame and looked at the silver bracelet for a while.
"What do you think of this?"
"children wear"
Chu guoshi’s evaluation
"I think so, too."
Zhao Cuo was glad that he and Xiao Biezhi had the same view.
"I’ll buy this for you."
"You deliberately find fault, right?"
"Zhi Zhi Dai will definitely look good."
Zhao CuO took her white hand and put on the silver bracelet.
"I have a good eye, right?"
"Chat …"
Chu don’t branch saw the wrist bracelet won’t admit that he is a little like it, so posing for the impatient face way
"Take me to the drugstore as soon as you like, so that I might be able to give you some good wine after soaking."
Zhao wrong saw that she was proud and charming, and suddenly she felt a little funny. Holding the feminine girl came to the counter.
"cashier’s check"
"My sister and our firm’s silver bracelet really complement each other."
Middle-aged and fat men come here as a compliment.
"This bracelet is five taels of silver …"
"Buy it for this girl."
A frivolous man suddenly sounded slowly.
You send it. Who is it?’