The battle changed at this moment.
Everyone can clearly perceive the great changes in the battle and see them happen with their own eyes.
The biggest change is the fighting rhythm.
Before the bar, the drug god rushed violently to the aggressive Poseidon, and it became soft. How fierce he rushed was also melted by Poseidon’s tenderness.
If it weren’t for the mysterious and powerful golden light of the drug god, if it weren’t for the fact that the drug god was always a wild charge posture, many people would say that the drug god was probably wrapped up in a dumpling by Poseidon for a moment and arrested.
After watching the war for so long, more monks have a feeling that the drug god, who is alive and kicking, will be exhausted and arrested by Poseidon one day. Of course, it is also possible that the drug god will escape by his special means.
Everyone guessed the head but missed the ending.
Not only was he not exhausted, but he was not caught by Poseidon, and he led the battle to an unknown rhythm with great power on the spot.
Realizing the true meaning of bullying and the root of bullying, Sun Hao suddenly violently attacked like a stone hitting a mirror and instantly breaking the mirror. Sun Hao broke Poseidon’s judo power.
Rushed wildly to Poseidon.
To be honest, Poseidon intended Chinese medicine to realize the true meaning of bullying, and it would take a long time for it to enter bullying. She never thought that the medicine would be realized so quickly, and she never thought that the medicine would break out at this time.
She’s still fighting according to her own fighting rhythm. Instant judo is forced to kill Xiao Yao.
The preparation was not particularly adequate. In a hurry, Poseidon waved his hand and a thin sea shield appeared in front of him, blocking Sun Hao’s way. His body flashed slightly and quickly fled away.
It was she who moved quickly, but after all, it was a little slow. Sun Haotou’s stick had instantly pierced her water shield, and a stick hit her chest with a loud bang. Heaven and earth seemed to have a sudden meal.
At this moment, many monks’ hearts will always be fixed and powerful, and it is said that the top five Poseidon in the virtual world is actually hit by the drug god.
And the point is still so sensitive, the towering part of a woman!
I don’t know what Poseidon will feel in his heart at this time.
In the violent state and overbearing state, Sun Hao really didn’t think so much, but he didn’t have the slightest passion in his heart. This stick really showed his strength and overbearing and peerless.
In fact, this part of Poseidon is actually composed of two majestic mountains covered with trees, flowers and plants, and it is not a physical body in the sense of ordinary women.
Sun Hao hit the majestic mountain with a stick and couldn’t withstand the instantaneous explosion of great power.
Poseidon has disappeared from the water at this time, and Corleone’s profile appeared in situ.
The face was full of flowers, and the flaming flowers appeared in the eyes. They looked at Sun Hao maliciously.
In front of Sun Hao, a large number of huge stones were smashed by Sun Hao and fell into the sea, causing huge waves.
In the sky, a large number of trees and flowers fell into pots of torrential rain, which fell into the sea like a tornado.
Sun Hao laughed in the face of the sky and pointed to Poseidon’s mouth again. Lang said, "My little girl will eat a stick from the big ye again …"
Right hand stick wildly Sun Hao rushed out again.
As soon as the arrogant momentum rushed up, Poseidon’s judo roots could not resist Sun Hao’s instantaneous killing to Poseidon.
Judo is characterized by long tenacity, super endurance and continuous exertion, but it is really not always possible to restrain bullying at one point.
Sun Hao’s overbearing understanding has also reached the Dacheng stage, and it is really difficult to stop Sun Hao from equating Poseidon’s judo level.
Without saying anything, Sun Hao’s stick launched a stormy attack on Poseidon again, waving the stick wildly, and set off a series of stick shadows, each of which hit Poseidon with great potential.
Judo was forcibly pierced by Sun Hao, but it doesn’t mean that Sun Hao broke it completely. Judo is like a sponge being pressed out of a hole by a finger, but if the finger leaves the hole, it will heal itself. Generally, Sun Hao’s attack will rush past Poseidon Judo and it will naturally heal again.
Therefore, Poseidon is not without strength.
However, the whole fighting rhythm has changed, and the era of Poseidon firmly grasping the rhythm is gone forever. Poseidon had to fight with Sun Haozhan in a fast-paced way.
Judo potential and overbearing potential for a while, the east wind overwhelmed the west wind, and the west wind overwhelmed the east wind. The whole Wan Li sea area kept changing back and forth, and the speed was dizzying.
Poseidon’s strength is really super strong, even if Sun Hao realized that bullying was a great achievement and tied Poseidon’s judo, but he also achieved certain words in the battle, which did not completely occupy the absolute wind.
After the battle lasted for an hour, Sun Hao suddenly heard A Bi from the town of Foer shouting "Little Hao Ge, Little Hao Ge …"
Looking around, Sun Hao couldn’t help but suddenly be surprised.
The rolling tides and huge waves pounded the land in front of the small town of Foer, but for the three thousand miles of reclamation in front of it, the small town of Foer would have been completely submerged.
I’ve been playing too hard, and I’ve forgotten that this is a sea medicine family. I’ve been playing too hard at the beach and I’ve forgotten that I have a companion in a small town.