Now Lin found that … it seems that it didn’t want to attack the sea of creation and wanted to escape.
Because you can see that the’ desert’ is like being in an earthquake, the number of gravel is constantly shaking.
With it trembling, Lin also found many cracks around.
These cracks look like cracks in the virtual distortion point, and they are constantly produced with the desert vibration.
It seems that every time the desert shakes, some cracks appear in the vicinity.
At first, these cracks were very small, less than one meter long, but with the continuous earthquake in the desert, these cracks grew rapidly.
Now, from a distance, it looks like a large black swarm crawling out of the edge of the desert.
This business in the desert is trying to break this for …
If there are enough cracks, this one will be completely broken, and that’s what they’re aiming at now
The caller was also surprised by this situation. It was originally thought that after giving the information of the Doomsday Tunnel, the tunnel returned to try to solve the consciousness of creating the sea, but the Doomsday Tunnel showed that it wanted to escape from here in a hurry.
If the tunnel does this, it is the law to eliminate the consciousness of creating the sea. Even if it is broken, the consciousness of creating the sea will continue to be completed, but the law is connected to the unforeseeable.
Maybe the doomsday tunnel has passed so long that it doesn’t want to go to normal virtual.
There are other reasons, for example, it feels that creating the sea is too powerful, and it feels that it can deal with humans.
There seems to be nothing the summoner can do about it. He can watch the desert sent by the Doomsday Tunnel break slowly.
However, creating sea consciousness has tried to stop the doomsday tunnel from breaking.
Bang-!’ From just now, Lin saw that many water cannons would be generated in the sea.
These water cannons fly in the direction of the desert at a speed of more than 3 thousand meters per second.
Because there are many cracks in the road, these water cannons can easily hit the cracks.
Hit the crack and the instant water cannon will disappear with the crack … just like creating the sea to heal the crack here.
Lin also found that some water cannons didn’t hit the cracks, but they would go through all the cracks and hit the desert surface.
The sand in the desert where it is hit will break and dissipate quickly as if it had been dissolved.
Obviously, these water cannons also have a killing effect
Lynn doesn’t know how it kills, although it is not ordinary water … but a wonderful liquid.
But it is harmless to Lin’s arms.
And it seem to be a very powerful weapon after bee launched.
Bang-!’ At this time, Lin once again saw more than a dozen water cannons flying out of the ocean surface, each of which was hundreds of meters in size.
Flying over 10 thousand kilometers at high speed … These water cannons hit the desert surface one after another.
The hit desert will instantly dissolve out of the big pits, and the gravel in them is rapidly dissipating, and Lin is observing this phenomenon at close range.
Yinlin has some arms in the launched water cannon.
These arms flew into the desert on water cannons. After the water cannons blew up, they also fell into the potholes that were bombarded by water.
Here Lin can see that the gravel around her is not melted by herself, but decomposed.
Nothing will happen to the instant gravel when it is shelled by water, but after a while, the gravel that is’ soaked’ will be surrounded by those that have not touched the water around it.
If you look closely at these gravel, you can see that they are actually creatures with many blade-like limbs.
They will quickly dismantle the soaked ones, which makes it look as if a lot of gravel has dissolved in the distance.
While those wet gravel did not react, they were broken down by themselves.
Then it seems that this water cannon may have the effect of interfering with their identification of friend or foe.
Of course, Lin micro-arms are also regarded as enemy troops by them.
A lot of gravel quickly surrounded Lin arms … and broke it down.
These gravel can easily kill tiny targets, but Lin thinks she can try again.
Soon the ocean fired a large number of water cannons at the desert again.
Lin also put the modified miniature arms into the water cannon.
Because some suitable substances can be found in the sea, Linlin can make many miniature arms.
And every time the water cannon is launched, there will be some omens, so Lin can easily put the micro-arms into the water cannon
Lin wondered whether this created the sea consciousness and controlled the attack.
Because the former caller said that there is a function of "automatically removing obstacles" when the consciousness of creating the sea spreads.
It will automatically calculate the solution to the threat that hinders consciousness recovery.
But this is not the direct control of creating sea consciousness.
Lin is very surprised that this ….. has the function of eliminating obstacles been found?
Or did you find out? But if that’s the case, Lynn thinks it’s possible to create sea consciousness with direct control.
On general observation
More Lin arms flew to their destination with the water cannon, and almost every time they arrived, they suffered a lot of attacks.
However, some arms resisted the attack
A water cannon lilin made almost a hundred special arms.
These arms look like octopus, and their’ heads’ contain a lot of liquid in water cannons.
Lin shoot this liquid at gravel when it approaches.