I smiled at the professor when I heard this, and I didn’t know what to answer.
I thought to myself, if this professor is a younger young woman, I can still confidently stimulate her hormones with words, but only one person is more than half a hundred young men.
Hmm. How interesting
Stimulate my ass
I ordered one and said nothing.
When I walked out of the experimental classroom, the professor at the door gave me the door.
Hearing the sound of the door, I still turned to the door of the classroom with a mannequin and took a look at the professor.
The professor said to me, what’s the matter?
I quickly replied that nothing was wrong.
After I carried the mannequin, I went to the stairs and stopped.
Of course, I’m waiting for the professor to take the lead.
In fact, the first time I experienced a eunuch, I knew there was a ghost in this laboratory and it was not a ghost.
Especially on the third floor, there are so many bodies soaked in formalin, including dead babies, middle-aged people and teenagers.
Of course, many glass covers are not a whole body. Many bodies are decomposed. For example, there are special people to put their heads and soak their legs and feet. The whole body of a man or woman is soaked in formalin. Of course, there are also many in the laboratory.
I really don’t know why people do this now. Why do they soak the corpses or residual limbs that make people feel scared? Is it difficult to increase the appreciation of the laboratory before putting them in the classroom?
Bah, I watched a fart island estimate in a laboratory.
Besides, putting some chrysanthemums is better than putting corpses.
These spit words flashed in my mind for a moment.
After that, I walked towards the third floor behind the professor.
At every step, I feel a little more yin and a little more burden in my heart.
Sometimes a horrible breath gathers around you, and this gathering way will make you nervous and excited, and the situation will become even more horrible and gloomy.
When I got to the entrance of the second floor, I suddenly had a feeling.
Or this feeling is an illusion at all.
As soon as I arrived at the door of the second floor, I felt a pair of eyes staring at me in the dark and making my hair stand on end.
I ing up at the entrance of the building on the second floor.
Then I looked at the corridor on the second floor for a few times.
Because there were no corridor lights on the second floor, I also saw the range that my vision could reach.
While I was in a daze, I heard the professor cough in front of me and said hurry up.
When I heard this, I was stunned and quickly said, OK, OK.
I carried the model in my hand and hurried towards the stairs on the second floor to the third floor.
Although the model is not very heavy, it is a little big, so it is relatively easy to make it.
On the third floor, my first reaction was eunuch.
Of course, the plot of that day was like a prelude to a movie, and it floated in my mind, especially when the eunuch scratched his belly with a scalpel in front of me and pulled out intestines and fat from his body. It was like yesterday.
Seriously, I’m still a little scared.
After all, the third floor is very strange.
Of course, when I got to the third floor, I felt that the professor in front of me was even more sinister.
It’s not a ghost, is it?
Thought of here, I froze. What if it’s a ghost?
Just when I was thinking about these stupid things, I heard a click.
I froze when I heard the sound.
In an instant, the lights in the corridor on the third floor lit up and changed for a while, which led to a lot of lights.
After walking to the laboratory designated by the professor, I moved the model into my hand and went in.
When the professor entered the classroom, I followed closely. When I wanted to enter the classroom, I inadvertently turned my eyes and glanced at the corridor on the third floor.
Mom, guess what I saw?
Yeah, it’s that red dress ghost again
After seeing the female ghost in the red dress, I frowned and was very rude. I scolded my grass in my heart.
Of course, as soon as I saw the female ghost here, I immediately turned my head around.
This is really the ghost.
Where do I go? Even Momo doesn’t follow me every day.
I stayed at the door for a few seconds after thinking of this.
In a few seconds, I turned my head and looked in that direction again. The female ghost in red disappeared.
Shit, do you still have to play hide-and-seek with me?
Then I moved the model into the experimental classroom.
I was just about to put the mannequin, but the professor suddenly said to me, Hey … You move this mannequin here …
With that, the professor pointed to his left field.
I nodded at the professor and said ok … ok …
I moved the model to the position designated by the professor, put it in place and said, is it okay here?
The professor nodded his head and said, OK, you go.
After hearing the professor say this, I was stunned for a while, and then I left the laboratory.
After leaving the lab, I hurried towards the building.
Mom taught me knowledge and asked me to move a model. What if I tried the knife?
I watched it for a while after I got to the first floor.
Point thirty
Hurry up and clean up, or the door will be torn
I looked around the ground and there was no garbage at all, but it was a hassle.
Then I picked up a rag from a desk hole in the podium and walked towards the models.
Maybe just wipe these models.
Minute by minute
I took a clean rag and walked up to the mannequin and wiped it.
However, there is no dust in these white mannequins.
I don’t feel the need to wipe it after a perfunctory note.
In fact, I thought to myself that the professor came today and met me. Even if I leave now, he can’t say anything. I really don’t believe it. Is it possible that the professor is still here under the microscope to check for bacteria?
Just as I was about to withdraw, I turned my head and looked at the door of the classroom.
Shit, you scared me.
A girl actually took a break at the door.
I don’t know. It’s scary.