Love life and public welfare

It’s not a lifetime in vain This is the genius life completion degree of three and a half stars In the normal direction, he should become a world-famous scientist, ignoring his "photographic memory" skills. But people not only live for others, but also live for themselves, right? Chapter seven hundred and sixty-nine Middle-aged crisis Yang […]


The ocean seems to have a huge margin, and the ark is still moving smoothly for several days and nights. Lin has passed many islands and another army has joined the ark sailing team. These are brain worm boats, wooden boats that move around three ark together, because when the brain worm heard that Lin […]

Old Wu, they don’t have anything, but their strength is still a little bit incredibly forcefully. The cat’s eye soul is dragged out of the body. When the cat’s eye soul leaves the body, he is surprised to see the tree. He finally knows that he is like’ death’.

He is a serious tree, and his appearance has completely changed. Shu Mao holds a brush in one hand and a huge one in the other, and his body seems to be possessed by some great god. There are waves of natural oppression from Shu Mao’s body. At this time, Shu Mao is a Yin-Yang […]


Mu Yan ran frightened and immediately rushed to Ling Youdao to build the abode of fairies and immortals Seeing this, MuYu felt a twinge of heartache and thought, "Smelly little doesn’t know what you did to make my family start being so dead set on you." The mouth is said, "Don’t worry about it, that […]

Day to LeiXiu said

"Mr. General, you also know the truth about those things before?" Leixiu could not help but ask If that’s the truth, then God should also know clearly that Lei Gang practiced flying heads and shooting ghosts, releasing hungry ghosts and deliberately suppressing Mao Xiaofang. Tian He and Mao Xiaofang are very good friends. God knows […]

Immediately, a thick fragrant fog came out of her body, and several groups disappeared. If you look closely, you can find that most of the demon kings belonging to Lady Xiangshan have been withdrawn.

After leaving a dead body in a short time, most of the demons have been killed. Wu Ming asked the giants to pull the white bone Fa Zhou in front of the mountain and then jump into the mountain. "How can those fish who have escaped from the net be blocked from this mountain?" Wu […]

I can’t help Zhu Ling running into the hole and reaching out to find out that Sun Hao has fainted. It’s strange to have any movement. I muttered, "It’s really true that the body is too weak and the bottom is too thin to melt the soul."

Westbank > If you like this movie, you are welcome to come. Chapter four hundred and seventy-one Taikoo Lei Shou VI Sun Hao had to faint. This silver beast is too powerful to be imagined by Sun Hao. The silver beast rushed into the sea of Sun Hao’s knowledge with a rush. The original Sun […]