"Blood Xuan, don’t ask more questions. It’s too dangerous to return to Yin and Yang quickly!" Xiao Fan quickly whispered to Xue Xuan, "Malaria knows exactly what happened here. Ask him!"

"Er … well, be careful!" Blood Xuan Shen Yishan knew that the form here had exceeded the range he could handle, and immediately his body flashed into the boundary of Yin and Yang. "oh? Did you put that guy in the magic world? Well, it’s an urgent guy anyway! " Yanhong picked his eyebrows and […]


train Wilford doesn’t know that there is a super big guy coming towards him. But he knew he was in big trouble. After being attacked once, many policemen and soldiers suddenly appeared on both sides of the railway. Instead of intercepting him, these people watched him go away like posts on both sides of the […]

After sighing, the god left the planet in disappointment. At this time, he had already been injured. He chose to give up and became the second eliminated god on the planet.

Xuanxing’s current strength is quite easy to kill the late masters of the gods. These gods are not challenging, and Xuanxing is too lazy for them to dawdle and directly defeat them. Before the name of God indicated that Xuanxing had flown to the land where Oboro Gravel was located, the name of God looked […]

Knowing that Zen master Pei Wende was not too discouraged, he just closed his eyes again with a faint command and quickly entered a state of meditation.

"Not peaceful?" Smell speech is going towards the mountain PeiWenDe slightly one leng and then revealed a little thinking. [What is not peaceful? War? Natural disasters? Or … those monsters? 】 Although this era generally conforms to Pei Wende’s impression of the history of the Tang Dynasty, some details are much more detailed than the […]