"This epidemic ghost was captured by our pavilion seven hundred years ago, and it has been kept in the Wudu Cave. It is not a brother’s boast. If it is a natural spirit, brothers will be ashamed to call it a treasure. This spirit is precious because of the unique way of raising and training in our pavilion in the past seven hundred years. More importantly, the technicians of the two generations have devoted great efforts to making it a treasure beyond the category of natural spirit!" The white lotus with a fat tongue is trying to sell its own goods. "The surface of the seven hundred-year-old plague ghost is not as good as that of Brother Diao, but there are two thousand years to practice. In actual combat, the brothers can be sure that it will never be worse than that before."

"This little guy has been in the best state of psychic posture and spirit. Today, it takes months for my brother to take it back and cultivate refining, so that the speed of theory can be faster than that of catalyzing ghosts and spirits, and wouldn’t it be faster to avoid future troubles?" The plague […]

With Whitewater playing a stable role with Seamus and still making explosive agents, Skip is too lazy to take care of these two guys. He just closed the door so that Whitewater can kick the crucible out with one foot when it explodes … "Hey Harry" Seamus said as he leaned over to borrow Harry’s steel scale. "Did you hear that? "daily prophet" this morning-they estimated that Sirius Black had been stared at. "

"Where?" Harry and Ron said quickly that Malfoy looked up at the table and listened carefully. "It’s not far from here." Seamus said that he looked very excited. "Of course, she didn’t really understand him." Muggles thought he was an ordinary prisoner, right? So she called the hotline and he was long gone when the […]

Although the bonus is donated to the Presbyterian Church, he is the most powerful Presbyterian Church member. The Presbyterian Church is his stuff in disguise. If the Presbyterian Church benefits, he is definitely the biggest profit.

If he had turned a blind eye before today, he wouldn’t want to take more trouble if he wanted to exchange terms. After all, people in front of him are not saving oil lamps, and there are some troubles. But it’s different now Last night, he was busy with important things outside the clan, and […]


train Wilford doesn’t know that there is a super big guy coming towards him. But he knew he was in big trouble. After being attacked once, many policemen and soldiers suddenly appeared on both sides of the railway. Instead of intercepting him, these people watched him go away like posts on both sides of the […]

"Little Ran died, and all the people or ghosts have been removed from the book of life and death. If the owner doesn’t want the goods, the disposal of the goods is to make the daylights out." Dan Tai Glass was faint at this time.

Holy shit, Dan Tai glass, it makes me feel that countless grass mud horses fly overhead. Did you get yourself into such a big trouble when you wanted to be brave? I already have Goo Zi, and I will never accept his ghost again. I will never leave the ghost of the little boy in […]

The master of Samye Temple slowly approached Tang Xiaofeng to them, knowing that in the face of such a strong enemy, he didn’t have a chance to suddenly call a "star-studded moon" and rowed the sword into silence. Even the two women knew that the master of Samye Temple was far better than the three of them, and the strength difference was so great that he could not win by relying on many people. He wanted to send his true Yin innate aura to Tang Xiaofeng without thinking.

Ink rainbow sword, firm but gentle, surged like a meteor, crashing into silence and protecting the company, but it was a combination of hands, which was purely based on Buddha’s light to pick up this earth-shattering sword. Two women are even more surprised, but Tang Xiaofeng is spinning a rainbow sword and spinning like a […]

It’s not a good thing to be so good at playing. After all, playing too much will lead to the loss of energy and being a mortal. The uncles in this house are going to have no future for money.

After losing a lot, even the first place in the world can’t be made worse. What can be achieved by indulging in gentle villages? "Don’t go and say it’s not very good recently." Qin Mu Ye immediately refused, and he still had to transfer his property. This servant is also stunned. What is this statement? […]

He opened his eyes suddenly and violently, and at the same time, a violent force spewed out behind him, forming a huge peacock image!

"Hum!" Suddenly plucking the strings with both hands, he shouted, "All those who have fixed the soul and sounded the soul … will be destroyed!" The strings burst out with blue light and swept out around like a fan! All the dead black soldiers suffered from this light like waiting for sanctions, but their bodies […]