The frost body couldn’t help shivering. Her stubborn and strong face, all the coldness melted completely with Xiao Fan’s appearance. Tears streamed down her face from her eyes.

"It’s really … it’s really you … Xiao Fan …" Frost bit her lips and once again called out the name of her lover. Xiao Fan immediately felt her earthy breath after removing the frost wrist. Day order’s achievement method breaks the wall! A full 50 thousand yuan can be comparable to your own respect! […]

The distance between them is more than 10 thousand kilometers. When this white desert first appeared, Lin thought it was trying to attack and create the sea.

Now Lin found that … it seems that it didn’t want to attack the sea of creation and wanted to escape. Because you can see that the’ desert’ is like being in an earthquake, the number of gravel is constantly shaking. With it trembling, Lin also found many cracks around. These cracks look like cracks […]

Maybe Zhou Xingli didn’t do it on purpose, but he was under pressure from the Ministry, but it was obvious that he had slipped his tongue first.

Jiao Peng sat in the interrogation position and frowned at Fu Zhenguo and said, "General Fu, I have a few doubts about your son’s kidnapping." Fuzhenguo looked at him coldly and said nothing. "First of all, I found a detail in the surveillance video of Woka Bar, that is, when Chen military personnel contacted Fu […]

The violent fighting posture of the drug god body is no longer a one-man show surrounded by seawater, but a wild posture that everyone can really perceive.

The battle changed at this moment. Everyone can clearly perceive the great changes in the battle and see them happen with their own eyes. The biggest change is the fighting rhythm. Before the bar, the drug god rushed violently to the aggressive Poseidon, and it became soft. How fierce he rushed was also melted by […]