The ocean seems to have a huge margin, and the ark is still moving smoothly for several days and nights. Lin has passed many islands and another army has joined the ark sailing team. These are brain worm boats, wooden boats that move around three ark together, because when the brain worm heard that Lin […]

With Whitewater playing a stable role with Seamus and still making explosive agents, Skip is too lazy to take care of these two guys. He just closed the door so that Whitewater can kick the crucible out with one foot when it explodes … "Hey Harry" Seamus said as he leaned over to borrow Harry’s steel scale. "Did you hear that? "daily prophet" this morning-they estimated that Sirius Black had been stared at. "

"Where?" Harry and Ron said quickly that Malfoy looked up at the table and listened carefully. "It’s not far from here." Seamus said that he looked very excited. "Of course, she didn’t really understand him." Muggles thought he was an ordinary prisoner, right? So she called the hotline and he was long gone when the […]

Although the bonus is donated to the Presbyterian Church, he is the most powerful Presbyterian Church member. The Presbyterian Church is his stuff in disguise. If the Presbyterian Church benefits, he is definitely the biggest profit.

If he had turned a blind eye before today, he wouldn’t want to take more trouble if he wanted to exchange terms. After all, people in front of him are not saving oil lamps, and there are some troubles. But it’s different now Last night, he was busy with important things outside the clan, and […]

The thunderball suddenly exploded, and the intense divine light stung people’s eyes, almost losing sight. The explosion was deafening, and the dust roared.

"What magical power is this!" Dust cleared away, dust recovered, and Lei Guang, the size of an egg, was banned from the palm of his hand. His sullen face is more bloody than his handsome face. Dust is the seventh weight of the Great Sage. Although it is suppressed, it is also immortal. However, this […]

Old Wu, they don’t have anything, but their strength is still a little bit incredibly forcefully. The cat’s eye soul is dragged out of the body. When the cat’s eye soul leaves the body, he is surprised to see the tree. He finally knows that he is like’ death’.

He is a serious tree, and his appearance has completely changed. Shu Mao holds a brush in one hand and a huge one in the other, and his body seems to be possessed by some great god. There are waves of natural oppression from Shu Mao’s body. At this time, Shu Mao is a Yin-Yang […]

The distance between them is more than 10 thousand kilometers. When this white desert first appeared, Lin thought it was trying to attack and create the sea.

Now Lin found that … it seems that it didn’t want to attack the sea of creation and wanted to escape. Because you can see that the’ desert’ is like being in an earthquake, the number of gravel is constantly shaking. With it trembling, Lin also found many cracks around. These cracks look like cracks […]