Love life and public welfare

It’s not a lifetime in vain This is the genius life completion degree of three and a half stars In the normal direction, he should become a world-famous scientist, ignoring his "photographic memory" skills. But people not only live for others, but also live for themselves, right? Chapter seven hundred and sixty-nine Middle-aged crisis Yang […]

No one knows the logic, but the bloody shura place is full of dangerous opportunities because the root method is to find out the law here, and everything seems to happen randomly.

When this happened, it naturally attracted a number of outlaws who licked blood. At first, they didn’t dare to go too far, but as more and more people came, they became more courageous and tacitly set up a minefield in Nocton. Many hands make light work, which is very intimate. Even the shura can resist […]

"When the sun comes, I fear the mirror" is extremely costly. Although Tang Xiaofeng can make himself mysterious, even when the Yangtze River and the Yellow River are cut off, the power of that knife just now is too great. His old strength has been scattered and his new strength is not yet born. He will die with Lin Xiang in the magic knife.

At this moment, a twist around unexpectedly conjured up many other Lin Xiang. Huihui Moore chopped two people with one knife, but they disappeared like bubbles. Magic? Hui Hui Moore looked around at that I don’t know how many Tang Xiaofeng Lin Xiang didn’t know which one was true and which one was a magic […]

"This epidemic ghost was captured by our pavilion seven hundred years ago, and it has been kept in the Wudu Cave. It is not a brother’s boast. If it is a natural spirit, brothers will be ashamed to call it a treasure. This spirit is precious because of the unique way of raising and training in our pavilion in the past seven hundred years. More importantly, the technicians of the two generations have devoted great efforts to making it a treasure beyond the category of natural spirit!" The white lotus with a fat tongue is trying to sell its own goods. "The surface of the seven hundred-year-old plague ghost is not as good as that of Brother Diao, but there are two thousand years to practice. In actual combat, the brothers can be sure that it will never be worse than that before."

"This little guy has been in the best state of psychic posture and spirit. Today, it takes months for my brother to take it back and cultivate refining, so that the speed of theory can be faster than that of catalyzing ghosts and spirits, and wouldn’t it be faster to avoid future troubles?" The plague […]

The frost body couldn’t help shivering. Her stubborn and strong face, all the coldness melted completely with Xiao Fan’s appearance. Tears streamed down her face from her eyes.

"It’s really … it’s really you … Xiao Fan …" Frost bit her lips and once again called out the name of her lover. Xiao Fan immediately felt her earthy breath after removing the frost wrist. Day order’s achievement method breaks the wall! A full 50 thousand yuan can be comparable to your own respect! […]